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Milton, NY


Mon-Wed: Closed
Thu: 5:00PM-10:00PM
Fri: 4:00PM-10:00PM
Sat: 2:00PM-10:00PM
Sun: 12:00PM-6:00PM

Closed for the month of January.


Locust Light - Corn Lager - 3.8% ABV

Hudson Haze - Hazy I.P.A. - 6.0% ABV

O.P.K. - West Coast I.P.A. - 5.5% ABV

Big Yellow Barn - D.I.P.A. - 7.5% ABV

Plum Sour - Sour- 6% ABV

Guest Drafts by Kings Court Brewing Company

Bat Exodus - Nitro Milk Stout - 6% ABV

Frog King - Amber Ale 6% ABV


It's a Duser - Semi-Dry - No Sulfites - Tropical aromas & hints of ripe apples - 5% ABV

Quince - Apple, pear, quince blend - Semi-Dry - 6.3%

Cherry - Semi-sweet - 6.6%

Sweet Save - Semi-Sweet - Blend of whatever apples we have at the end of the year! 6.6% ABV

Suns Out Plums Out - Dry & Tart - 5.1% ABV

Concord Grape - Sweet - 6.0%

Wine by Benmarl Winery

Dry Rosé


Marlboro Village Blush

Slate Hill Red

Cabernet Franc

Petillant (Sparkling Rosé)

Explore our selection of craft beer in Milton, NY

If you want to get your hands on local craft beer that's unlike anything else you've tried in the Hudson Valley, you're right where you belong. Locust Grove Brewing Company serves a wide range of craft beers in Milton, NY. You can find a wide range of light and dark beers that pair perfectly with the changing seasons.

Swing by our brewery today to see what beer is on tap.

Why drink craft beer?

There are many great reasons to try craft beer in Milton, NY. When you visit Locust Grove Brewing Company, you can:

  • Enjoy unique beers that you can't find elsewhere
  • Grow the economy by supporting local businesses
  • Try something new with your friends and family
Come by our brewery this weekend to find out what beer is on tap. We look forward to seeing you.